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Green Cycle Routes

These tranquil cycleways are not intended to be a substitute for existing cycleways, but a supplement where bikers can ride free of automobile traffic.

Since about a third of all employees in Copenhagen bicycle to and from work, the cycle paths along the main access roads are sorely pressed. Both fast and cautious cyclists compete for space and constantly have to stop at traffic lights and at bus stops while passengers get off. Safety and comfort suffer as a result.

The vision behind green cycle routes is to promote safe cycling, which will get more people to cycle. New "highways" are being laid out for cyclists that let them get to their destinations quickly along pleasant green routes - away from cars and buses.

Green cycle routes are intended to supplement existing cycle paths, not to replace them. Even though the network is primarily an alternative for the many people who ride across the city, it is also intended for excursions and relaxation. There are plans to lay out 22 green cycle routes covering over 100 kilometres, about a third of which comprise existing cycle paths through parks. When the network is completed, it will cover an area from Ryvang in the north via Husum in the west to Ørestad in the south. The Nørrebro route is nearing completion as a pilot project. The route runs primarily along the former railroad yard from Hellerup through Nørrebro and Frederiksberg to Valby. The Nørrebro route includes a recent cycle and pedestrian bridge over Ågade that opened in 2008.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014