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Harbour House

Commercial development of 5,500 sq.m with 3,000 sq.m basement in Kalkbrænderi Harbour.

Harbour House is the most recent addition to a comprehensive plan for developing the Kalkbrænderihavn area.

Taking inspiration from Giambattista Nolli's map of areas of Rome accessible to the public in 1748, the architects analyzed how to site and design a number of buildings that will look inviting from both inside and outside. In addition to having a common idiom dominated by columns and white concrete, the buildings are recessed from the waterfront and create open courts that can also be used by people taking walks along the harbor. The Paustian furniture store was the first to be built, in 1989, and four buildings have been added north and south of it. Several other projects are in the planning stage.

An effort was made to suit each building perfectly to its site. Harbour House, for example, is shaped like a big U and scaled to give most of the offices and other facilities in the building a view of the water. The distinctive Union Coal crane was left standing between the waterfront and the building. It has been restored and today holds meeting rooms.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014