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Høje Torv

Skiing, collecting the Christmas tree, watching free films or simply enjoying the sky at night—all this might one day be possible on the top of Magasin, Copenhagen’s department store building.

These may sound like scenes out of a sci-fi film, but the architects from Tegnestuen PLOT have worked on the design and arithmetic enough to know that it is perfectly possible, legal, and safe to set up a new kind of urban space on a department store roof.

Innovative thinking

In a long sweep down from what is known as the Flower Market at Bremerholm it is going to be possible to ride an outdoor escalator to the top of Magasin.

Magasin's rooftop landscape consists of hilly terrain with great level differentials. This is precisely the point of origin for the ideas underlying Høje Torv ("Elevated Plaza"), which has been devised and designed on the basis of these offset levels-offsets which, apart from a different kind of architecture, give the plaza its great potential and scope for a variety of activities.

Improving Urban Spaces

The visions took shape in connection with the "Improving Urban Spaces" project initiated by Realdania - Foundation for the Built Environment in 2002. The project took the quality of the city's spaces as its focus and appealed to Denmark's local authorities to submit proposals for potential projects for subsequent realization in collaboration with the foundation.

23 projects were selected for further refinement-including the "Elevated Plaza". With the "Elevated Plaza" project, PLOT has helped to focus on ways in which the city's roofscape can be used as public space.

Current Status

Even though both the City of Copenhagen and Magasin were very interested in the idea, financial complications have so far prevented the realization of the project.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014