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The Holmbladsgade neighbourhood facelift was a success, due in part to a basic focus on resident involvement.

While Amager's Holmbladsgade quarter came across as being rather dilapidated ten years ago, it is now on its way to becoming a new Vesterbro, with cafés, swish little boutiques and rapidly rising property prices.

In addition to the extensive facelift that took place around Holmbladsgade from 1997 to 2003, the metro stations of Amagerbro, Lergravsparken and the new Amager Strand have made the area attractive and brought about a transformation of the old working-class neighbourhood.

But the project group behind the neighbourhood facelift has targeted its work to ensure that the costs of in-depth refurbishment did not exceed whatever the residents could afford to cofinance.This was done in order to avoid a repetition of the plight of many an old resident of Vesterbro who had to leave the quarter on account of rent increases.

Residents "on side" from the outset

The Holmbladsgade neighbourhood facelift was a success, partly owing to a basic focus on resident involvement. The neighbourhood facelift process was ushered in with a civic meeting, at which residents were urged to get involved in the work.

Various groups were then set up, working in areas such as neighbourhood ambience, residential environment, social environment (including integration, culture and sport), and business and employment. Neighbourhood parties were held, together with organized sorting of waste, in addition to creating youth clubs, ethnic associations and experimental school schemes. From the outset, the social and cultural neighbourhood facelift coincided with the physical make-over, and in 1998 a Neighbourhood Community Centre was appointed in Jemtelandsgade. The building still acts as a rallying point for associations and volunteers. Residents' involvement now takes place under the auspices of the Sundby Tingsted Network, and the debate among residents can thrive in local paper, Holmbladet.

Life and light in the area

The neighbourhood facelift focused particularly on improving the outdoor spaces in the area. Apart from comprehensive facade renovations, new squares and green spaces were set up, and there are more on the way. A couple of the most striking ones are the park and activity area in Prags Boulevard, the Sports and Culture Centre in Holmbladsgade itself and the eco-playground in Moselgade. Commissioned in 2004, The Maritime Youth Centre has made a striking addition to the area. Moreover, much work has been done on the lighting in and around Holmbladsgade. New, artistic streetlights and 'luminous cobblestones' have helped to add a more friendly touch and a new identity to the quarter-also in the evenings and at night.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014