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Kastrup Søbad Seawater Lido

Kastrup Søbad is not only the perfect place for a refreshing dip in the summer heat, it also offers an extraordinary aesthetic experience.

Kastrup Søbad sits like a beautiful conch shell, washed up from the seabed and looking out over the Øresund. This seawater lido is situated out in the Øresund, 100 metres away from the beach, making the depth of the water perfect for belly flops or diving. You reach the baths via a wooden pier, which extends from the shore.

The conch shape combines aesthetics with functionality.

Kastrup Søbad is shaped like a circle with an outer screen, which provides pleasant shelter for all the swimmers.  The screen gradually increases in height from 1.5 metres to 8 metres, thus contributing to the lido's conch-shaped appearance. The wooden pier takes you to the left side of the lido, where the screen is at its lowest. That means the shape opens up on the landward side, relating to the beach and inviting visitors in. You then move round to the right, where the structure gradually rises above the surface of the water, culminating in a five-metre-high diving tower.

Heaps of options

The conch-shaped lido balances on 150 piles in the water, and is located so far away from the beach, that the depth of the water reaches four metres beneath the diving tower. A variety of benches, plateaus and cosy nooks and crannies, together with springboards and the diving tower, provide excellent conditions for all visitors, whether they are here for sunbathing or diving. The entire 750-m2 lido is made of the durable African wood,azobé, which is resistant to saltwater and has the same lifespan as steel.  

An award-winning lido for everyone

It was one of White Arkitekter's priorities to ensure that Kastrup Søbad would be accessible to everyone.  Handicap solutions are incorporated throughout, and have been executed so well that Kastrup Søbad won both a bronze medal in the Olympic Committee's competition for the best sport and leisure building and a prize for the best handicap conditions, which was awarded in association with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

Light gives the architecture a theatrical effect

There is a great emphasis on lighting, making Kastrup Søbad a spectacular sight, when darkness falls and during the long winter months, when only winter swimmers venture out into the water. The sculptural shape is enhanced by LED D spotlights along the pier, upward projectors along the inner side of the building and recessed spotlights in the wooden floor.

Next door to Amager Beach Park

The building in the water is complemented by a new sandy beach and an adjacent service building with toilets and changing rooms for disabled visitors. The round, wooden structure is linked to the new Amager Beach Park by a long wooden pier. So, although the lido does not have its own café or ice cream stall, these essential, pleasure-beach facilities are within easy reach. 

Last updated Thursday, July 31, 2014