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Keops Kollegierne

This student housing facility is Denmark’s first building complex listed on the stock exchange.

Today there are many ways of financing housing for young people, and now Copenhagen has Denmark's first building complex listed on the stock exchange. For around DKK 10,000, the public could buy a share in the student-housing facility when Keops Kollegiet Bispebjerg was listed on the exchange in 2003. Ten shares gave the stockholder or the stockholder's child, grandchild, stepchild, or step-grandchild the right to one student residence. To safeguard against any financial loss if the demand for housing for young people should fall, the rooms are designed so that the buildings can be transformed fairly simply into apartment houses with family units.

The complex has two freestanding tower blocks, nine and ten storeys tall. Access to the individual unit is along balcony corridors around a narrow atrium that opens on the south. The buildings' atriums have distinctive, hanging "boxes" that hold common areas and are topped with roof terraces. On the outside, the two buildings have dark-red brick facades and large windows with balconies. On the atriums, the balcony corridors and boxes are faced with metal. The intention was to give the complex a tall, modernist look, and the nickname "the two towers" was born as this ambition was realized. The architect deliberately used only minimal means inside, to give residents scope for working together to make their own mark on the interior.




Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014