Copenhagen Gallery


Multipurpose centre with café and facilities for sports, dancing, martial arts and cultural events

Nørrebro is not exactly overflowing with sports and recreational facilities. One of the quarter's few green spots lies between Korsgade and Åboulevarden, and this is where a top modern sports and cultural center is springing up from the ground. What was formerly a flat plot has been transformed into a hilly landscape with new plantings and facilities for new kinds of activities. In the winter, brave souls can sled down the hill's gentler slopes, and in the summer people can sun themselves and relax on the hilltop.

The sports and cultural center itself is inside the new hill, below ground. Five large windows cut into the slope ensure contact with the outdoors and the sun. The building's open courts are intended for ball games, but can also be used for big theatrical and musical events.

The new sports and cultural center has room for both organized and unorganized activities. This is intended to prevent social problems by giving the quarter's children and young people an exciting place to spend their time.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014