Copenhagen Gallery

Matrikel No 8

The entire area in front of Indre By Medborgerhus (community centre) has been transformed into a space devoted solely to physical activity. Graffiti-painted gables provide the perfect backdrop for a genuine urban scene.

The small skate ramps jutting out of the ground like white rocks give a raw and modern effect. Toddlers on scooters attack the slopes, young people play basketball and city parents hang out in the urban landscape while their children are playing.

The space was constructed by the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities, which has had a hand in the making of almost every innovatory space in the city that inspires physical movement. The foundation supports and develops projects which create, architecturally speaking, new opportunities for physical activity. It can claim a greater part of the credit for many of the spaces and facilities that have inspired young people to exercise even if they are not members of a sports association.







Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014