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New York, Hong Kong, Moscow, London, Washington, Barcelona, Paris, Stockholm, Rome and Tokyo all have one. Now Copenhagen is on board.

With 21 km of tracks, 22 stations, and 34 subway trains, Copenhagen has got on board, quite literally. On a weekday in one of the busy winter months, some 130,000 passengers take the Metro.

Since the first two stages were completed, it has become easier to get from one side of Copenhagen to the other.

The third stage, to the airport, opened in September 2007, and the fourth stage, a circular line called the City Ring, is scheduled to open in 2018 The City Ring will take the form of a 15-km-long tunnel that will link large parts of downtown Copenhagen, Østerbro, Nørrebro, Frederiksberg, and Vesterbro that are not yet serviced by the local trains or other Metro lines.

The City Ring will take passengers from Østerbro to Vesterbro in less than 10 minutes. A whole round trip with the City Ring will take 23-25 minutes.

Minimalistic design

Emphasis in designing the new Metro was on taking passengers quickly and safely to their destination. The platforms are only intended for short stays, since they are emptied every 2nd or 4th minute when the Metro trains glide in.

Daylight under ground

The Metro's trademark is a five-metre-tall column at each station that can be seen far and wide and gives information on departures on an electronic display. But these columns are not the Metro's only distinctive feature. The underground Metro stations differ from stations for other subway systems because they are illuminated by daylight. Asymmetrical glass pyramids above ground reflect daylight into the stations and the platforms 18 metres below.

Best in the world

In April 2008, industry leaders from the world's metropolises chose Copenhagen's Metro as the best in the world. The most important factor in the decision to award the prize for best metro to Copenhagen was the dependability of its service, together with the quick and efficient manner in which the section of the line to the airport was built, and the high levels of passenger satisfaction and safety.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014