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40 metre high residential property with a total of 11 storeys. 10,600 sq.m of housing and an underground carpark

Futuristic imagination: this is what the sales material says about the 40-metre-tall Metropolis apartment house. And its round shapes, radiant light blue color, and organic look make the description pretty apt. The building is surrounded by water on three sides on Sluseholmen's outermost peninsula, which was expanded with about 2,000 square metres of landfill.

The local plan for Sluseholmen dictated that the outermost tip should be reserved for a distinctive building: Metropolis. Actually the building was supposed to be 60 metres tall, but because of smoke from the H. C. Ørsted power plant, it will only be 40. Since the nearby power plant will be closed down in a few years, the architects are toying with the idea of building a module that could be placed on top of Metropolis at a later date.

When residents arrived in October 2007, they were able to dock at their own private berth or jump into the water at the nearby harbor baths, whose floating bathing jetties interplay with Metropolis's facilities.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014