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Mikado House

Mikado House is located on the square between Copenhagen University Amager and the IT University in Ørestad North. The inspiration for its design comes from the game of the same name, in which Mikado sticks constantly form new crisscrossing connections.

This is also a reference to the knowledge-sharing, synergy-creating cooperation and networking that the tenants in Mikado House benefit from both internally and in relation to the neighbouring universities and DR City.

Mikado House was designed by Arkitema. True to the nature of their general design philosophy, the architects have attached great importance to the flexibility of spaces. Tenants can to a great extent determine the layout of the premises rented, establishing open offices, cell offices, silent rooms, lounge areas, an in-house café, etc. The offices are located around the large atrium that is the centre of the building. The two wings are open towards the atrium, and there is thus visual connection between levels. The atrium is functionally divided into a High Touch Zone, a Low Touch Zone and a Touch Down Zone, the philosophy being that informal meeting places and recreational areas at various places in the building will ensure optimal knowledge-sharing and networking among the business enterprises that move in.

Arkitema moves in

Arkitema has so much confidence in the project that it has rented two whole storeys in the building, which will feature office facilities on the five top floors and a restaurant, café, supermarket and a number of small specialist shops on the ground floor.

Mikado Square and container shops

Mikado House could be said to sum up the 'temporary' activities at the site in recent years. First there was Mikado Square, which in 2005-2006 served as a recreational urban space for the many people who used the area. Now there are a number of 'container shops' at the site, as residents and other users have said they wanted retail outlets in this part of Ørestad. Once Mikado House has opened in 2010, this request for retail facilities will be granted to an even greater extent.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014