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A new people's park is on the way at outer Nørrebro along the train tracks between Nørrebro station and Bispebjerg station.

A new people's park is about to be see the light of day at outer Nørrebro. Along the train tracks between Nørrebro station and Bispebjerg station is the DSB area that as the name implies previously was used by the Danish State Railways. In 2008, the City of Copenhagen bought the area and began a long process that now has led to that Copenhagen will get a completely new park, Mimersparken during the autumn of 2012.

The Mimersgade neighbourhood

The project at the DSB area came into existence based on rejuvenation of the area around Mimersgade; a closely built-up area in Nørrebro with 16,000 residents and where half the residents are under the age of 30. The area renewal has resulted in implementation of no less than 120 different projects between 2004 and 2009 in co-operation with the residents, associations, and businesses that also today are part of realising the projects and rooting them in the neighbourhood.

Partnership project

Because of the closely built-up area, outdoor areas have been given special attention in the urban renewal of the Mimersgade neighbourhood.

The City of Copenhagen and Realdania have simultaneously with the renewal entered into co-operation about three specific projects under the name 'the Partnership Project' where focus is on such outdoor areas.

The first two projects are Nørrebrohallen that will be converted to a sports and culture facility as well as Superkilen that with its three colours; red, black, and green; links Nørrebrogade and Tagensvej together as an experience and activity shopping street. Mimersparken is the third project.

Activity test zone

As introduction to the work in connection with the new park, the city decided to spend three years from 2008 to 2010 on a handful of local city experiments and called the future park an activity test zone.

Ideas and visions were tried and tested as temporary activities that can be seen on the webpage The testing would show which kinds of activity could take place in the future park and be part of creating a sense of ownership of the new park among the residents in the neighbourhood. Thus, a monitoring group was created that has made sure that the results were included in the final plan.


The specific layout is handled by architect Paul Børling as well as Peter Holst Arkitektur & Landskab.

The general layout of the park is a soft, woody border towards the train tracks and an urban edge where street basket courts and table tennis create a transition to Mjølnerparken.

At either end, there are different sports facilities, a football field with artificial grass that can be used by associations and private individuals while at the opposite end there will be a multi-court for e.g. hockey or basket. The two activity ends will be complemented by a small parkour area, barbecue space for foodies, playground for the youngest, and a fruit orchard for those residents who need a place to breathe in the middle of the city.

Mimersparken will be divided into zones that offer very different activities in the hope that this will be a park for all generations in Copenhagen.

If everything goes according to plan, the park will be finished on 1 September 2012.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014