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Musiktorvet Cultural Centre

This new cultural centre has the bold ambition of becoming one of the Øresund region's leading cultural venues.

To create one of the Øresund region's leading cultural venues: that is the bold ambition of Amager's new cultural centre Musiktorvet (The Music Plaza) which is intended to give a boost to Amager and provide the area with a new active urban space and cultural venue.

Amager's cultural heritage

The Øresundsvej quarter on Amager has a strong tradition of musical and cultural activities. Many musicians, especially in the hip-hop genre, started their careers in the clubs and cultural institutions in this quarter.

Amager Kulturpunkt (Amager Cultural Hub), which includes the four buildings at Øresundsvej 6, contains practice rooms, a recording studio, the old Røde Kro Teater, the small concert stage Café Kino, the Ama'r Children's Cultural Centre and, of course, the Amager Bio concert venue.

For a long time, however, the plaza at Amager Kulturpunkt has appeared as yet unexploited potential - without any real interaction between the various cultural offers. Back in 2005, a five-year facelift scheme for the Øresundsvej quarter was launched. On that occasion the residents in the neighbourhood voiced a desire for a local meeting place. In 2008 an architectural competition was held for the design of the plaza, which in the meantime had been named Musiktorvet.

The three stages

The winning proposal, submitted by Witraz and Effekt architects and Niras engineering firm, revolves around the idea of three stages in one plaza. The biggest stage is the one in the open space giving onto Øresundsvej; it is covered and serves as an outdoor venue for concerts and events attracting large audiences. The roof structure is high, lightweight and transparent, and the architects hope that it will become a new landmark for the Øresundsvej quarter.

In the middle of the plaza is "the sitting room," an informal meeting place laid out as an outdoor extension of the existing Café Kino. The sitting room is intended as an intimate room, with furniture and plants, for people to hang out in or pass through on their way across Musiktorvet.

At the southern end of Musiktorvet is the Children's Plaza, suitably flanked by the children's theatre and a future children's cultural centre. The small stage here is to be used for theatre and music performances etc., but it can also be used to play and climb around on.

Meeting place

Together the three stages will create a new urban space in the quarter, bringing together the many cultural events and activities under one roof, so to speak. The existing buildings will have new entrances facing onto the plaza with the dual purpose of promoting interaction and blurring the boundaries between the various activities. Apart from serving as a cultural centre Musiktorvet will contribute to the vibrancy of city life and strengthen the identity of the previously quite run-down quarter around Øresundsvej.

Three-phase project

The cost of realising the plans for Musiktorvet in full amounts to DKK 45m - the larger part of which has not yet been granted. The project is, however, divided into three phases, and work on the first phase began in June 2010.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014