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This former industrial site has been transformed into a residential and commercial complex using both existing buildings and new construction.

A new quarter between Finsensvej and Peter Bangs Vej in Frederiksberg Municipality is complete. The former industrial site has been transformed into a residential and commercial complex both by using existing buildings and by constructing new ones.

The plan for the site was drawn up on the basis of two proposals that won a shared first prize in the architectural competition. Thomas Ringhofen Architecten from Berlin proposed a wide variety of thematic city gardens. Jan W. Hansen Aps and Birk Nielsen Tegnestue had drawn up a plan with tower blocks. A third team, Peter Juhl/Wuttke & Ringhof Arkitekter, was responsible for the unified plan in which light tower blocks, a ribbon building, and old industrial premises were woven together into a "carpet of gardens." Housing accounts for 11,000 sq. m. of the 37,000 sq. m. of new floor space, while the rest is mostly office space.

Nimbus and Nilfisk

Nimbusparken was laid out on the site where two Danish "classics" - the Nimbus motorcycle and the Nilfisk vacuum cleaner - were manufactured by the same company from the early 20th century. The company made the motorcycle, with its trademark cylindrical gas tank, for many years, and its customers included the postal system and police. Today it has become a collector's item.

Despite its great popularity, sales fell steadily after the Second World War. More and more people bought cars, a development that stopped Nimbus production in 1959. Vacuum cleaners were manufactured on the site right up to 1995, when Nilfisk moved to Brøndby, leaving the old industrial site in Frederiksberg neglected for several years. The transformation from an industrial to a residential and commercial quarter has been carried out in stages, but is now complete.

Humlebien (the bumble bee)

Nimbusparken's name is not the only reference to the site's history. Humlebien is a striking former industrial property that catches the visitors' eye, entering from Finsensvej. It takes its name from the very popular Nimbus model whose 4-cylinder engine sounded like a bumblebee. This building's 2,900 sq. m. of floor space has been transformed into 28 luxury apartments from 80 to 150 sq. m. Juul & Frost Arkitekter endeavored to mirror the building's former function in its new use. The walls are off-white and the original concrete ceilings, pillars, and formwork have been preserved. With 3.5 m from floor to ceiling and large factory windows, several of the apartments have the light and open look of New York lofts.



Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014