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Nørrebro Park

The new Nørrebro Park differs from the city’s other green spaces in that it is a so-called urban park, which integrates activities and features from the surrounding city neighbourhoods.

Nørrebro Park, laid out in the 1930s, has gotten a total makeover with a variety of new spaces and a wealth of different activities. "I would like Nørrebro Park to be a place where people can meet and learn something just by looking at others," said the landscape architect. "After all, one of the most interesting things in the world is to look at other people and mirror yourself in them." There is plenty of opportunity to look and interact in New Nørrebro Park. There are climbing towers, a skating rink, a beach volleyball court, and a wading pool. Some of features of the old park that people appreciated have been preserved, for example the protected linden avenue that stretches along the park's cycle path, the soccer fields, and the little "rose garden" on Hillerødgade. Two covered markets, designed as roofed pavilions, stand at each end of the long park and are used for small concerts, bazaars, and flea markets.

Some of the new park's most spectacular features are the 100 flags and banners grouped together in different places. The banners feature a logo to be chosen annually in a competition among local residents. Each year's new logo will be inaugurated on the park's birthday.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014