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In 2006, Nordlyset (”Northern Lights”) became the first residential project to be completed in Amerika Plads.

In keeping with the concept for Amerika Plads, Arkitekfirmaet C. F. Møller designed a terse, white-stuccoed apartment block with balconies and gateways "dug out" of the building's solid shape, softening it up. Nordlyset (literally, "Northern Light") is intended to make a distinctive contribution to the new, densely built quarter, where streets are narrow and buildings massive but unique. The complex has both condos and rental apartments, and the ground floor will have either stores or small apartments for young people.

Nordlyset was the result of close collaboration between the architects and Ruth Campau. A photographic process transformed the artist's brush strokes into a striped pattern that can be found on glass in different parts of the building, for example at the entrances and around the elevators. From outside, the patterns can be seen on some of the double sheets of glass that are mounted perpendicular to the façade and serve as partitions between balconies.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014