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Ørestad City

A characteristic feature of Ørestad City is its location not only on a transportation hub but also next to the Kalvebod Common nature preserve.

Located near the expressway and the rail link across the Øresund, Ørestad City was conceived as Ørestad's center, with both commercial and residential buildings. Roads, squares, parks, and canals have been laid out. The Ferring building was inaugurated back in 2002; the Field's shopping mall opened in 2004. Student-housing facilities have been built and a large number of public and private housing complexes are now finished. Several companies have moved into the buildings along Arne Jacobsens Allé. When Ørestad City is completed, there are expected to be some 5,000 residents and some 20,000 people employed in the quarter.

The proposal for a unified plan covering the part of Ørestad City south and west of Field's - called Ørestad Downtown - was presented in 2006. It was drawn up by the Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind, who was inspired by Copenhagen's medieval city. It features a central open plaza flanked on the north and south by 20-storey towers with curved facades. These towers will be the quarter's landmarks and denote the plaza's importance as the heart of the quarter, with cafés, restaurants, and various public facilities. Other public urban spaces will extend from the plaza, surrounded by buildings of different heights and shapes. A large part of the area will be reserved for pedestrians, limiting the number of cars as far as possible. Parking will be underground.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014