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Ørestad Downtown

Ørestad Downtown is the name NCC has given to Daniel Libeskind’s masterplan for Ørestad City.

Libeskind prepared the masterplan for NCC Property Development, Ørestadsselskabet I/S and Steen & Strøm A/S.

A pleasant urban district

Sonja Vendelsø, project development manager of NCC, says that from the very outset Libeskind's vision was to create a unique district with intriguing urban spaces and an attractive architecture.

It was to be a district with a clear focus on well-considered design of buildings and urban spaces in which people would like to circulate and linger.

The "Downtown" designation was chosen to create positive connotations for this international environment: a place that's got it going on.

Medieval Copenhagen

The masterplan was inspired by the medieval city centre of Copenhagen, which is evident in the winding streets, intimate urban spaces and quiet courtyard gardens.

Fittingly, the central square below the two towers has the same shape and size as the central area of the Kongens Nytorv square.

Shops and restaurants

The masterplan includes shops, cafés, restaurants, cinemas and a major cultural facility. Knowing that attractive shops and restaurants are key elements in creating vibrant urban life, NCC will work actively to attract them to Ørestad Downtown from the very start.

According to NCC, people in Ørestad Downtown will come from offices in the area, where five to seven thousand people will work, but also from the high-rise residential buildings, the two large hotels, the planned cultural facility and from the Fields shopping centre. In addition, there are many potential customers, visitors and users of Ørestad Downtown in the rest of Ørestad and Western Amager.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014