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Ørestad South

The district plan for Ørestad Syd - the largest in the history of the country - was passed by the Copenhagen City Council in December 2005. Many projects are on hold because of the financial crisis.

In the course of the next 10-15 years, meadows in the southern part of Ørestad will be transformed into the quarter's most populous area. Over 10,000 residents are expected in Ørestad South, giving it the population of an average Danish provincial town. About 15,000 people will be in the quarter as they go to and from work, school, daycare institutions, shops, or the leisure and cultural activities that are planned for the area. The proposal for a local plan for Ørestad South - the most extensive in Denmark's history - was passed by the Copenhagen City Council in December 2005.

The basic principle for Ørestad South's plan is a dense urban structure marked with the fronts of tall buildings along the expansive landscape of Kalvebod Commons. The quarter will be divided into two sections around a large park. The northern section, mostly businesses, will consist of a dense complex of buildings around a large urban space planted with trees. The southern section, equally divided between residential and commercial properties, will consist of three spaces that run north/south: "The Forest," "The Park," and "The Canal," surrounded by a wide range of dense urban structures. Most of the stores, institutions, and other public facilities will be located on the main street, near Vestamager Metro Station.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014