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Ørestad Urban Park

Eight small, delineated gardens provide space for a host of activities and experiences for playful and outdoor people of all ages.

Ever since the first developments were built in Ørestad the area between the Fields shopping centre and the Bella Center has been a large, rather deserted urban park space with a traversing asphalt path, trees and benches. Despite the wide expanses and the many benches the park was not able to attract life to the new-built district in Ørestad.

The architectural firm MUTOPIA was therefore engaged to rethink the urban park and turn it into a social gathering place for residents of the area. The assignment was completed in cooperation with landscape architects GHB Landskabsarkitekter, contractors Kemp & Lauritzen and engineering firm Moe & Brødsgaard. The park was opened to the public in June 2008.

Public involvement

Clients and architects alike agreed on the desirability of involving residents of the area in the design of the park. In autumn 2006 residents and institutions in Ørestad were therefore invited to participate in two workshops to discuss, shape and test ideas for future activities and the ambiance of the park.

The islands

The urban park Øcity was created on the basis of the results reached in the two workshops.

The park is characterised by eight garden, park and landscape islands, each of which appeals to the needs of different users.

Thriving together

Kristina Jordt Adsersen from MUTOPIA said this about Øcity: "The layout of the park sends out a signal of diversity and variety. The 'sea of islands' creates in itself multiple small public spaces, where different groups of users can come together across divides of age and background to enjoy common activities. The elements, the plants and the life that thrives between them together make up an ØCITY".

A park for everybody

At present Ørestad City has a few thousand residents. But the park is not intended as a recreational offer for the residents of the area alone, but for all Copenhageners who come to the island of Amager. The aim of the park is to serve both as the garden of the residents and as a public park that welcomes inhabitants from the rest of Copenhagen.

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