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Plug N Play

Whether you prefer roller skating, beach volley or parkour, you can find something to do in Plug n Play – the new sports and activity park in Ørestad South.

One of the points of criticism that has been raised against Ørestad during the district's first years of existence is the lack of activities for the residents or more generally, a lack of city life. But Rome was not built in a day, and at present life seems to be beginning to thrive on western Amager. In 2008, Ørestad's new green meeting place, the urban park, with its multi-use "park islands" opened, and now yet another activity area has been opened in Ørestad South boasting 25,000 m2 dedicated to activities ranging from small vegetable plots to a new speed skating track - the first of its kind in Copenhagen.

A temporary urban space

"Plug n Play" is a concept taken from the computer world, but in Ørestad it has been transferred to an urban setting. The underlying idea is to enable users to readily establish, develop and test new forms of culture and sport in the area. Moreover, users should be able to "log in to" the various activities with ease and without any obligations. The area therefore provides access to water, power, lavatories and storage facilities, and its location near the metro makes it easy to get to and from.

The new activity area is a temporary provision intended to breathe life into the emerging new quarter. The plan is that the project should exist until 2014. If desired, the most popular activities may then be moved to other locations and adapted to the general development of Ørestad South.

Several of the activity spaces and facilities were developed in conjunction with representatives of various sports, for example the parkour team Team JiYo and Vesterbro Rulleskøjteklub (rollerblading club).

Interaction between activities

The area is linked together by paths that run north-south and reflect the activities dotted along their course. The idea is to promote interaction between the various activities and users and thus reinforce the experience of the park as a multi-purpose area. The paths open from narrow pathways into a few open spaces where residents and passersby can linger and watch the world go by.


The new park caters for a wide range of activities. Containers have therefore been put up around the area to allow the clubs who use the sports facilities to store gear there and to let people who cultivate the vegetable plots keep their garden tools nearby.

Apart from the sports facilities a number of grassy patches are scattered across Plug n Play, inviting people to relax and watch the activities. These spaces take on the character of green park areas, and near the vegetable plots there is a barbecue spot.

So jump on your BMX bike, grab your basketball or your gardening gloves and log on to Plug n Play, while Ørestad South is slowly rising out of the Amager soil.


  • Vegetable plots
  • Dirt jump
  • Parkour terrain
  • Artificial grass field for football, hockey, tennis etc.
  • Roller rink for speed skating
  • Basketball
  • Beach volleball and beach tennis
  • A combined football field, concert venue and marketplace

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014