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The old Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory in Frederiksberg has been converted into a new district.

Since 1882, the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory has towered above the corner of Smallegade and Søndre Fasanvej, but now that production has moved elsewhere, there is room for other activities in the many different kinds of factory buildings. When the transformation of Porcelænshaven was completed in 2007, the area had not only apartments and services, but also a student-housing facility, a department of Copenhagen Business School, and commercial space for Georg Jensen and Royal Scandinavia.

The goal for Porcelænshaven (literally, "the porcelain garden") was to preserve as many of the original buildings as possible. Frederiksberg Municipality's local plan lays out strict rules to ensure that the quarter fits into its surroundings. For example, windows and doors should preferably be painted traditional "Frederiksberg green." Trees are also covered by special regulations. Since 1882, many trees have been donated and planted by prominent foreign guests during their visits to the porcelain manufactory. The local plan confirms that some of the trees are in the two highest preservation classes and must be moved to another location in the area if they cannot remain where they are.





Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014