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Prags Boulevard

Prags Boulevard in Amager is pushing the boundaries of what a street can be.

Prags Boulevard in Amager is a truly unique Copenhagen street. In what is not quite a straight line, it runs from the main artery of Amagerbrogade through residential quarters and industrial estates, only to end with a sea view of the Øresund Sound. At the time of the neighbourhood facelift scheme around Holmbladsgade, there was an intense desire on the part of the residents to take greater advantage of the boulevard's peculiarly elongated urban space. And for Kristine Jensen, the landscape architect behind the new park and activity area, it was important not to let it become a traditional recreational area, but a green area with a high utility value for people of all ages.

Socializing in new ways

Seven activity areas have been set up in the new park, with names like the Garden, the Stage, the Pitch and the Box. In the Garden there is space to sit quietly among fragrant flowers and plants. That is something sorely missed by many elderly residents. On the Stage games can be played and small performances conducted, and on the Pitch people can muck about and play-act to their heart's content.

"We have deliberately not gone for the organized competitive sport found elsewhere in the area. Nor have we laid out sandpits and boules pitches, because they have those in the residential developments. Instead, I have been at pains to create a space where people can be together in new ways," says Kristine Jensen.


New chairs and lamps

A central component of the new park is the development of the area's very own chairs and lamps, called the Prague Chair and the Prague Lamp. The approximately 100 Prague Lamps certainly cause a stir with their yellow-green neon colour.

The lamps have been erected along the path, which runs the length of the park. The blue-green Prague Chair is also characteristically stark in colour. The 700 or so chairs are manufactured from painted steel and were handed out in bunches to local stakeholders like cafés and residents' centres, who then have to take care to keep tabs on them. The idea is that the movable chairs will be conducive to creating a more individual and personal park, where people can carry "the chair into the sun" themselves. The chairs have been made very heavy in an attempt to prevent them being taken back to people's homes.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014