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Rambøll Head Office

The enormous new headquarters for Rambøll in Ørestad South has a floor space of 40,000 sq. m. containing offices and a communal atrium with public access and facilities

In the southern part of Ørestad, right where the motorway cuts through the new urban district, one of today's largest headquarters buildings is taking shape. DISSING+WEITLING was commissioned by SEB Pension to design the office building, and the engineering firm Rambøll - chief engineer on the project - will be the main leaseholder of 34,000 of the project's total floor space of 40,000 m2. The project has, for obvious reasons, been named Rambøll Head Office.

Scandinavia's best intersection

The location is called the best intersection in the Øresund region due to its excellent connections to the metro, Copenhagen, the motorway, Sweden, the airport and thus the rest of the world. The new building will indeed have prominent neighbours, for example Ferring, a pharmaceutical company, and Copenhagen Towers, a hotel and commercial development.

Looking both inwards and outwards

The large, boomerang-shaped building is tied together by an internal street running on several levels. The architects have taken inspiration from Barcelona's famous shopping street La Rambla which, lined by a myriad of cafés, shops and tourist-orientated activities, is the city's main pedestrian thoroughfare.

Here the concept has been developed into a three-dimensional version by means of mezzanine floors and balconies linked by a central stairway leading from the ground to the fifth floor. Equipped with facilities such as a café and a canteen, a fitness centre, a foyer and an auditorium, the large communal space provides staff with a perfect opportunity to meet and socialise in informal settings.

The design also provides a gradual transition from the communal to the more quiet areas, as offices are located along the perimeter walls to enable employees to concentrate on their work. In this way the building provides spaces for intense quiet work as well as spaces for social interaction.

Catalyst for urban life

However, the rambla is not reserved only for people working in the building. The vision is for the street to help kick-start city life in Ørestad South - which has been largely quiescent so far.

There will be public access to the building, which will house a café, a gallery with changing exhibitions, and more.

Energy savings and district heating

During recent years there has been an increasing focus on energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions in buildings, and Rambøll HQ is no exception. The energy consumption of the building is projected to be 10 per cent below the statutory requirements, and the building will be heated by district heating, which brings reductions in carbon emissions compared with conventional heating methods.

Solar cells on the roof generate energy for the building, which also has a groundwater cooling system. Excessive heat from machines and electrical equipment is recycled, and water-saving taps and recycling of rainwater will translate into savings on water usage.

The building is to have a demand-controlled ventilation system that adjusts the ventilation rate according to indoor air quality. As a supplement to mechanical ventilation the large atrium is to be constructed with a hybrid ventilation system, which uses the natural buoyancy of warm air to ensure constant air change.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014