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Ravnsborggade Action Spot

This multipurpose site in Nørrebro has facilities for sports, games and cultural events.

For years Inner Nørrebro had a rather neglected plot of land with a fenced-in ball court as its only attraction. A group of local residents contacted a architecture student who lived in the quarter and the idea of a multipurpose space took shape. The result is a prime example of what local initiative can lead to.

The AirPlay art society has installed a digital gallery in the multipurpose space that displays such things as audio art, video art, and performances.

The space is used by the quarter's young people, but the goal was also to reinterpret the concept of the playground by creating an exciting urban facility that can also attract the older generation and special-interest groups. The complex's central feature is a sunken court for ball games and roller hockey. The court is bordered by two distinctive structures of wood and steel that in addition to serving an esthetic purpose can also keep stray balls from landing in nearby streets. There is spectator seating along one of the long sides. On the opposite side, the court rises gently to form plateaus that can be used as a stage for theatrical and music events and block parties. The complex also has a skateboard park.





Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014