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Royal Arena

Roya Arena will provide Ørestad South, not only with a world-class, multi-purpose arena, but also a catalyst for urban life in this fledgling district of the city.

In 2017 Copenhagen will acquire a new, multi-purpose arena for sporting and cultural events. The Arena will be built in Ørestad South. In addition to enhancing Copenhagen's sport and culture scene, the new arena will also help reinforce the urbanisation process in Ørestad South, creating life in the area and attracting tourists and international investment.

A catalyst for city life

The architects at 3XN have devoted their energies, not only to the actual arena, but also to the surrounding area. The goal is to generate urban life in the relatively new district of Ørestad South. "Our ambition was to create an arena, which as well as being able to accommodate loads of great sports and music events, would also be a catalyst for various local activities and events to benefit both residents and visitors. Therefore, the area surrounding the arena has been designed so it can also be used as an events venue or sports field," writes Kim Herforth Nielsen, Partner and Creative Director of 3XN, in a press release.

Open architectural expression

In architectural terms the arena will be dominated by two elements: an undulating band of slats, which will cling to the circumference of the building, and a "plinth", which will create the foundation for the arena and stretch out into the surrounding area. The organic form of the plinth will create a diverse public space with niches and plazas around the arena, while simultaneously serving as a bridge to the surrounding residential and commercial district. An undulating band of golden-coloured tiled slats will float above the plinth. Collectively the slats will create a translucent façade, which will give passers-by a glimpse of the activities within. At the entrance areas the façade rises, so the building opens up, clearly indicating where the entrances are situated.

Flexible interior

The arena will be fitted with permanent spectator seating on three sides and a flexible fourth side, which can be either a stage or a seating stand. This auditorium will be able to accommodate 12,500 spectators for sporting events and up to 15,000 spectators for music performances. The  space will be flexible and scalable, so it can accommodate events, which utilise only a fraction of the capacity. The master plan for the area around the arena has been designed by Vandkunsten, paving the way for relatively low-level construction with a great diversity of expression. In the master plan a transversal park connects the new arena with the district's future school, skating rink and day care centre.

Friday, June 28, 2013 / By Ida Oline Frandsen

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