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Sampension HQ

Next door to the Centre for Presentation of Natural Science and Modern Technology on the old Tuborg site in Hellerup is the new headquarters of the Sampension company.

Next door to Experimentarium on the old Tuborg site in Hellerup is the new HQ of the Sampension pensions company with a view of the Øresund Sound.

The building comprises two rectangular wings joined together at right angles to form the shape of a large 'L'. The building façade is becoming more and more green with time because the greenish granite facade cladding has been topped off with black copper shutters, which coat over with verdigris and take on a green hue in the process. The shutters face alternately inwards and outwards, creating a vertical, asymmetrical pattern on the building façade. A button inside near each window allows staff themselves to control how much the shutters are drawn, so the pattern on the façade is never the same.

Balconies like the Guggenheim's

In the foyer inside the building, a wide granite staircase leads up to an atrium on the first floor. Here the two building components meet in a six-storey-high, elliptical central space with skylighting. Towards the open atrium the storeys are accentuated by sweeping white balconies and staircases, recalling the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The ground floor accommodates a canteen and conference/meeting centre, from which there is access to a south-facing terrace extending out from the gable. Internally, the building has been done out in white, light wood and glass, giving the rooms a special lightness.


Sound, air, and art

An unconventional work of art of water and light graces the atrium on the first floor. This water feature, designed for the building by design company Art Andersen, has been integrated into the architecture as an eye-catching wall panel of 500 long, thin strands of optic fibre stretched out side by side over the full height of the room. The fibres conduct changing shades of colour, while water droplets simultaneously run down along the strands and land in a shallow pool on the ground floor. The Installation is not merely decorative but also makes for a pleasant level of airborne humidity in the building, because in the space of 24 hours 600 litres of water evaporate from the feature. At the same time, the trickling sound masks the high and shrill noise from the canteen.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014