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Saxo Bank HQ

Architects sought to balance dynamic expressiveness with trustworthy solidity in the Saxo Bank headquarters in the north of Copenhagen.

The new Saxo Bank headquarters in the new district of Tuborg South, on the waterfront north of Copenhagen,is in a highly unconventional building for a bank. Banks have usually opted for dark, static building masses as a way of signalling trustworthiness and solidity, but here Saxo Bank has chosen the opposite solution.

Saxo Bank is what you might call a hyper-modern banking firm, a young bank which has seen explosive growth in recent years, and which has not been afraid of voicing its opinions. The bank is involved in online trading in foreign exchange, stocks and futures.

Expressiveness vs. solidity

The above factors were important in the design of the new headquarters. Together with the clients the architects of 3XN have sought to strike a fine balance of expressiveness and trustworthy solidity.

The result of this effort is double-curved glass facades made of triangular panels of transparent glass alternating with opaque white sections in an irregular rhythm. The sail-like pattern suits the headquarters, whose gable walls face on to the canal that cuts through the maritime district. The building consists of two blocks interconnected by a glazed section which is set slightly back from the line of the facade.

"Corporate Spirit"

The unusual dynamic style continues inside with angled walls, tilting at oblique angles up through all six storeys. A large spiral staircase winds its way through a softly shaped atrium, formed by boomerang-shaped cuts into the floors. The atrium is covered by a glass roof which lets daylight into the heart of the building. The sense of lightness and openness created by the atrium extends to the entire building. Thus, the desire to instil a strong sense of corporate spirit through the interior resulted in a very transparent and open work environment.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014