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Behind the colourful fronts hides a building for all generations

Sejlhuset is one of the new buildings in Ørestad that borders the Øcity Bypark directly - the new public park for the many new arrivals in Ørestad City. The building were ready occupation in February 2008 and has room for a day care facility and 118 residences.

When you look at the building, there is no doubt from where the Sejlhuset gets its name. Especially conspicuous are the coloured screens of textile decorating the front. The screens are mounted on tracks and can slide back and forth along the edges of the balconies to allow in the right amount of sunlight, shadow, and shelter among the eight to twelve storeys.

At the high end

"Here we are not building for the financially impaired - rather the opposite; but on the other hand we are building good alternatives to the very expensive owner-occupied flat prices in Copenhagen." This was stated by the chairperson of the housing association KSB, Hanne Larsen, when the foundation was lain for the Sejlhuset together with Samvirkende Boligselskaber, SAB, on 1 June 2006.

The last time KSB was part of building, it was about different housing for different lives. With a rent of DKK 8,400 a month for a 97 sqm large flat, the Sejlhuset's flats are comparatively expensive for social housing rental residences. The commitment to the both larger and more expensive building in Ørestad was a test because - as the chairperson stated - it seemed obvious to offer "a possibility for a good community (...) in the heart of this new neighbourhood."


From junior to senior

From the very beginning, the Sejlhuset was thought to be a building with several functions for any generation. At the ground floor, common areas will be built plus a nursery for 60 children. The City of
Copenhagen is in charge of the nursery. The flats are family residences and all the flats are well-lit and equipped with two balconies.

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