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Sølvgade School

Copenhagen’s oldest, working school, Sølvgade Skole, has acquired a modern and colourful twist.

A pastel coloured building façade in shades of blue, violet and yellow now constitutes a surprising feature in the midst of classicist Copenhagen.

The six-storey building situated on the corner of Kronprinsessegade and Kierkegade is an extension of a listed building which first opened its doors to pupils in 1847.

For a number of years, the school had lacked space and modern facilities. Time was ripe for a thorough renovation of the old schoolrooms together with an extension of the listed school building. The school's capacity now comprises a two-form entry for primary to lower secondary level.

The architect wanted the new specialist teaching rooms and the building as a whole to speak the language of children: to be colourful and musical while also fitting into the historic surroundings.

Built for Dynamism and Movement

The new exterior expression of the school stands out in the neighbourhood; however, a good part of the innovative ideas are found inside the building. The somewhat traditional corridors have been replaced by interesting corridor areas where the monotony has been broken by the addition of a 'bend' to the ground plan together with slanting walls which, in conjunction with the lively colour scheme, is designed to create dynamism and movement.


Low-Energy Class 2 (Danish Building Regulations)

The building has been constructed in compliance with City of Copenhagen's latest guidelines for environment-friendly construction. The project has undergone environment screening in order to meet the requirements of low-energy class 2 classification. This means that energy consumption will not exceed 68 kwh/m²/year.

Last updated Monday, June 01, 2015