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Sønder Boulevard

Relandscaping of Sønder Boulevard in Vesterbro to make an active urban space with green areas and facilities for sports and games.

From a dilapidated thoroughfare dominated by traffic, Sønder Boulevard has been transformed into a proper city space. The width of the median strip has been expanded to 15-17 metres. Trees, paving, and grass have been used to create a strip park with perennial gardens, a playground for toddlers, a fenced ballfield with artificial turf, and an asphalted bicycle motocross (BMX) track. Instead of planting trees in long, straight lines, they have been grouped to create different kinds of small spaces along the boulevard. Traffic has been slowed down with speed bumps and the boulevard is now closed to traffic on Enghavevej.

Local residents have been involved from the start. During the design stage, six town meetings were held where residents were asked about their wishes, habits, and needs. The overall goal was to rethink the classical boulevard and make Sønder Boulevard one of the most distinctive green city spaces in the Vesterbro quarter. The project was a direct result of the City of Copenhagen's action plan for city spaces, drawn up in collaboration with such experts as the renowned French urban planner Jean-Pierre Charbonneau.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014