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Super Cycle Highways

The new Cycle Super Highways will create healthier and more sustainable transport options for commuters in the Capital Region. The emphasis is on quality, accessibility, safety and availability in this new cycling infrastructure, the goal of which is to encourage more commuters to travel by bike instead of by car or public transport.

The Cycle Super Highways are the result of collaboration between more than 20 municipalities and the Capital Region. The project has started, and the first Cycle Super Highways have already been established. The vision is to make the metropolitan area the best region for cycling in the country, at the same time incorporating the concept of ecological development and sustainable transport.

These new bike paths will form a network, which will cover the entire Capital Region. So far there are plans for 26 routes. The Albertslund route was the first to open (2012), while the Farum and Ballerup routes are the next on the timetable (2012 and 2014).

The Cycle Super Highways have four quality goals

The concept for the cycle super highways is based on four quality goals. Accessibility to the network. This means that the paths should be a natural link between work place, school/college, home and public transport terminals. Availability must be paramount. This will ensure that bicycle commuters get the fastest possible route from A to B. In order to make the cycling experience a pleasant one, a lot of attention has been paid to the comfort of the paths. Finally, and of equal importance, safety and security have been a great priority, in terms of avoiding possible discomfort in deserted areas, or traffic accidents.

strong emphasis on the cycling experience

There is a strong emphasis on comfort and the cycling experience on the paths. These are clearly visible in the benefits, which have been created for cyclists. Routes are equipped with service stations, where cyclists can find pumps, if an accident should happen. In addition, there are footrests at intersections, so that cyclists do not have to get off their bikes. Meanwhile, the Cycle Super Highways also have their own traffic light system, which operates independently of the traffic lights on the roads. There is no doubt, that everything aims at the optimisation of the cyclist's experience on the metropolitan area's "bicycle motorways".

Objective: More commuter cyclists

The goal of the new Cycle Super Highways is to encourage commuters in the Capital Region to travel by bike, rather than by car or public transport. The basis of the idea is that cycle paths benefit both the individual and society as a whole, since cycling is less polluting and less noisy. The same applies to congestion. All these factors can help create a better quality of life in the city.

Project with many collaborators

Exactly 22 metropolitan municipalities together with the Capital Region are responsible for the new bicycle infrastructure. There are also many other collaborative partners involved in the development of the cycle paths. They include: the Danish Road Directorate, the European Cyclists' Federation, DSB S-tog and the well-established cycling blog, Copenhagenize.

Thursday, June 06, 2013 / By Julie Ingstrup

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