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In outer Nørrebro, between Nørrebrogade and Tagensvej, a new public space has come into existence.

Under the name of Superkilen (The Super Wedge) a team headed by BIG Architects is about to create a three-coloured multicultural space meant to provide even better opportunities for city life in Nørrebro.

If you begin your visit in Nørrebrogade, you'll step into a big red landscape. Continuing through Superkilen you'll then pass through a hilly grass-green landscape to end in the jet-black bazaar. The three colours mark the different functions of the spaces - and the aim of creating a place with something to suit every taste.

The Red Square

The red zone is dedicated to physical activities - situated as an extension of Nørrebrohallen sports centre this zone is laid out for team sports and outdoor fitness.

The Green Park

The green space is designed as a landscape with hills, a playground and picnic spots for parties and family get-togethers.

The Black Market

The wedge ends in the black space where chess tables and benches invite reflective relaxation. At weekends the black part of the wedge can be turned into a bazaar for local traders and hawkers.

Local and global

Superkilen is part of the facelift scheme for the Mimersgade district. One of the objectives of this project has been to involve local residents in the urban renewal effort as a way to incorporate their wishes and wants in the planning.

The inhabitants of Nørrebro come from 57 cultural backgrounds, a fact that has rubbed off on Superkilen which contains 57 different objects. For instance, children can crawl through a Japanese toy octopus while their parents hang out round a Moroccan fountain.

One of the aims is that the residents will also use and further develop the area and in this way promote interaction across ethnic and religious lines, cultures and languages.

Superkilen smartphone app

Superkilen has got its own smartphone application that reveals stories about the different objects scattered around the park. It makes the trip through Superkilen a lot more fun - did you for intance know that you can see a monkey-puzzle tree from Chile, take a nap in an australian hammock and see a fountain from Morocco?

Download the smartphone application here, or the website version here.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014