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Svanemølle Beach

It was a long time in the making, but the new beach in Svanemølle Bay has now welcomed sunbathers, winter bathers and other water enthusiasts since summer 2010.

A 130m curved bathing pier and a 4000 sqm child-friendly sandy beach have given Østerbro a blue oasis in the Svanemølle Bay. The fine sand beach takes the shape of a triangle extending between the old promenade and the new pier which, with five ladders spaced along its length, invites visitors to jump into the water. The wide, curved pier is constructed of hardwood paved with asphalt, and a fixed, south-facing bench along its full length ensures that no one jumps on to other swimmers on the calmer side.

The old beach promenade has been given a completely new lease of life, exuding an air of almost Southern European charm. Along the promenade - under the crowns of dense trees - parking for 200 bicycles is available for the many visitors who arrive by bike. Also, a small building housing toilets and life-saving facilities has been built, and Svanemøllebugtens Vinterbadeklub, a club for winter bathers, is working hard to get a sauna for Østerbro's Vikings who enjoy a cold dip.

The architects have created a flexible design for the pier which makes it possible to add more platforms and diving towers. A feature that is likely to come in useful at the already popular beach.

Clean water in the bay

In recent years the City of Copenhagen has spent quite a lot of resources on stopping the discharge of waste water into the harbour.

This was actually one of the reasons why the beach project got behind schedule at one time. In order to ensure clean bathing water an underground tank with a new type of treatment technology. The system uses strong ultraviolet light to kill the bacteria in the water and thus offers effective treatment without any use of chemicals.

Copenhagen - a true seaside city

The new beach at Svanemøllen adds yet another city beach to the highly successful spots at Amager Strandpark and the Harbour Baths at Islands Brygge.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014