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Svanemøllen Auditorium

Tegnestuen Entasis has toyed with the tension between old traditions and new architecture in the auditorium at Svanemøllen Barracks in Østerbro.

The new building has an auditorium and seven classrooms. The basic structure consists of large concrete units cast in situ, and the façade is covered with dark slate slabs of different sizes that give the building a rustic look.

The static symmetry in the original garrison buildings was replaced by a dynamic and balanced look. This was done with the aid of a 40-cm-tall plinth that extends the entire length of a plaza at an oblique angle to the old buildings, breaking their parallel progression. The plinth continues into the new auditorium building, where it becomes a 7-meter-tall concrete walk in the foyer and gives the room an emphatic feeling of depth. The façade on the plaza is made entirely of glass, creating an almost unnoticeable transition from the outdoors to the foyer, which is also illuminated by a skylight.







Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014