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Sydhavn Skole

A new school, a new meeting place and a new setting. Sydhavn Skole is the new flagship at Teglholmen in the South Harbour.

Sydhavn Skole is constructed as one of two buildings flanking a new green wedge in the burgeoning old harbour district.

Situated on the bicycle route between Sydhavn Station and Amager Common the wedge and the school are intended to be natural hubs for residents in the area.

A sailing town on land

The school literally stands with its feet in the water, connecting with the harbour like a ship alongside the quay. On the seaward side the school opens up towards the landscape with terraces set at various levels providing space for ball games on the roof and for playing and learning while moving.

On the landward side the school's tall, vertical, block-like facade structure echoes the mass and scale of the surrounding city. The facade is made of materials which allow it to constantly change character according to the viewer's position and the time of day.

The school's interior will be laid out as a dense city with houses, workshops, shops, streets and open spaces. Science classrooms for subjects such as biology, physics, science and technology will be arranged around the internal central square.

A school with a dockyard of its own

The traditionally outward-oriented special-subject classrooms, which are also used outside school hours, will be on the ground floor to ensure easy access and life in the building day and night.

The rooms for needlework and woodwork will be placed in the dockyard which is indeed designed as a proper dockyard with two huge gates. One opens onto the water, the other onto the schoolyard, enabling building projects to be constructed in the open or to be set afloat the moment the paint is dry.

All areas in the school must be capable of being used for both learning and recreational activities. For instance, small vegetable gardens will provide a breath of fresh air and a chance to learn about carrots out in the open where there is plenty of space both for kids who have ants in their pants and those who do not.

A haven in the city

The school is intended to serve as a local round-the-clock community centre, the idea being that parents can meet over a cup of coffee before rushing home to cook dinner, do the dishes and relax in front of the telly.

Therefore the school kitchen, where also the domestic science classes are held, gives on to a south-facing terrace, envisaged as an obvious meeting point for parents, teachers and pupils.

Sydhavn Skole is planned to be a building that opens up towards its surroundings, creating natural interaction between the school's daily users and other residents and guests in the area.



Last updated Tuesday, February 18, 2014