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A large, copper-clad office complex with 2,000 work places in the South Harbour of Copenhagen

The former industrial area at South Harbour is on of the fastest growing development area in Copenhagen and home to the corporate headquarters of major companies like Nokia, Mercedes-Benz, Statoil and Skat.

The first stage of the project was 24,000 sq. m. of a 40,000 sq. m. office building that will house 2,000 employees. The offices have a spectacular view to the south of the marina, park facility, and Kalvebod Faelled. Additionally, from the 800 sq. m. of roof gardens, employees can look north towards Slusholmen-the Amsterdam-inspired canal town.

A sinuous gate

With its location between the city and Amager, the building is a natural gateway to Copenhagen. The organic design is intended to give the experience of a cityscape moving, as the structure meanders around the open, green courtyard towards the harbor. A three-acre park with small gardens, benches, and elevated terraces lets locals enjoy a view of the water. Trees line the roads, separating traffic and living areas.

Greener over time

Sydporten has a copper-clad façade which will fade to green over the years. From more open facades to the south the building enjoys a view of the marina.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014