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Temporary Urban Spaces At Carlsberg

At present new, temporary urban spaces are taking shape on the Carlsberg site at Vesterbro.

In the three spaces created so far physical activity, relaxation and urban life thrive side by side with the ongoing planning, construction and restructuring efforts.

The three temporary urban spaces are instrumental in ensuring smooth integration between planning, construction and the development of urban life during the period of transition.

Moreover, they serve as exploratory spaces for different functions, designs and zone divisions.

Economic stalemate sets off creative urban development

The work to turn the former brewery site at Vesterbro into an area with a large amount of new-build housing and a new infrastructure should have been coming along at full throttle, since the brewery decided to move its production of beer to Fredericia in 2006.

However, economic stagnation and construction freeze have put a damper on the development plans for the time being, and the wait is now being used sensibly on quirky, temporary and life-boosting urban space projects.

Thanks to the three temporary and widely different urban spaces the area is taking hold in earnest of the collective cultural consciousness as something different than an industrial area.

Tap E Plads

Situated in the centre of the Carlsberg site in front of Dansehallerne (the Dance Halls), Tap E Plads (Tap E Square) was the first of the three spaces to take on its new role as a temporary urban space. Simultaneously the Café Elefanten opened its doors to customers, offering, among other things, outdoor seating in the square.

Tap E Square boasts a large piece of furniture made of railway sleepers where tired legs and sun-worshippers may sit and linger for some time, while various playground equipment and physical activities attract more active users.

Markings painted on the asphalt divide the square into zones, and a white gable wall can be used for film projections, football matches and other creative activities.

Boble Plads

Boble Plads (Bubble Square) is a space for active pursuits. Parkour enthusiasts and others with a liking for physical activity can romp about on the orange climbing frames, skaters and BMX riders can throw themselves around on asphalted bubbles, and street basket and street football players can practice their sport on the basket court or against the large play wall.

Boble Plads owes its name to the neighbouring building, Boblehallen, with the characteristic bubble-shaped roof. When the weather is less kind, the street sports move indoors to Boblehallen.

The square has a central, but peaceful location, surrounded by an abundance of greenery which screens the square from Pasteursvej, and on cloudless days the square is drenched in sun most of the day.

Moreover, Boble Plads has direct access to J.C. Jacobsens Have. Here anyone can make free use of the BBQ facilities for picnics, birthdays and parties.

Ny Tap Plads

Situated at Ny Tap not far from Enghave Station is Ny Tap Plads (New Tap Square), the latest temporary urban space to be added. Laid out under and around a 1,000 sq.m large canopy roof, the square is also known as 'Under Halvtaget' (Under the Canopy).

3,500 pieces of white rope of varying lengths suspended from the 5.5m high canopy roof invite playful souls to take a climb. The covering provides a challenging, fun-filled space that encourages movement.

From 1 April 2011 to October 2011, Kraftwerket, the City of Copenhagen's project workshop for young people, runs the urban space project FriZonen in Ny Tap Plads. Here young people can engage in creative projects and set up quirky events without any bureaucratic hassle or value-for-money considerations.

The area around Ny Tap Plads is already being developed further. Over time a new city-rail station will replace the present Enghave Station and also, a new campus for the UCC university college is planned to be built here.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014