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The Bicycle Snake

Copenhagen's new cycle bridge The Bicycle Snake is completing the journey over the Bryggebro Bridge, offering Copenhagen's cyclists a fun ride along the harbour and past its tower blocks at first-floor level. As part of Copenhagen's strategy to be one of the best cycling cities in the world, the new cycle bridge will guarantee cyclists improved accessibility and connection to the city.

While Copenhagen's cyclists are delighted with the Bryggebro Bridge, they are also annoyed with the poor cycle transit at the Dybbølsbro Bridge. But that situation will soon be remedied, when the new Bicycle Snake (Cykelslangen in danish) cycle bridge raises cyclists safely from the Dybbølsbro Bridge to the Bryggebro Bridge. When the connection between Vesterbro and Islandsbrygge is completed with a shortcut across Copenhagen Harbour, cyclists will no longer have to lug their bikes up and down a set of steps north of the Fisketorvet Shopping Centre.

Urban aesthetic at first-floor level

This slender bridge will wind its elegant way from the Fisketorvet Shopping Centre, out over the harbour basin, and in between the blocks at Kalvebod Brygge, thus creating an elegant contrast to the rest of the area's massive concrete residential buildings. In order to give the cyclist both an aesthetic and a dynamic experience, The Bicycle Snake has been designed so that parts of it will extend out on to the water. The new cycle bridge will meander six-seven meters above the surface of the water and in between Hotel Copenhagen Island, Aller Huset and Atrium above the pedestrian traffic on Vesterbrogade, all at first-floor level.

Slender steel snake

Architects from the Dissing + Weitling architecture firm are responsible for the design of The Bicycle Snake. The Bridge will be 4 metres wide with a 190-metre bridge and a 30-metre ramp. It will be built in steel to create a light, slender design, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2013. To create space for the pillars, which bear the bridge, the harbour swimming bath (link to CPH X) will also be moved a little further out into the water.

Copenhagen - best cycling city in the world in 2015

Like the Cycle Super Highways, The Bicycle Snake is part of the City of Copenhagen's strategy to become the best cycling city in the world by the end of 2015. The goal is for 50% of all journeys to work and school/college to be made by bicycle in 2015. By 2025, 90% of Copenhagen's cyclists will feel safe in traffic and their travel time will be reduced by 15%. The bridge helps to achieve this strategy by improving accessibility and safety for Copenhagen's cyclists, because it will navigate the cyclists away from pedestrians, traffic and staircases, which are an obstacle on the current route. It will also provide yet another shortcut for the journey through the city.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015 / By Ida Oline Frandsen

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