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The Frederiksberg station area

The decision to make the metro line in Frederiksberg go underground opened up for the possibility to create new urban spaces above the former railway area between Falkoner Allé and Ndr. Fasanvej.

The vision was to create a unified plan for the 18,000 sqm large area. The plan provides for urban living and unites recreation, playing, and experiencing nature with the everyday citizen traffic by car, bike or on foot. In 2000, the City of Frederiksberg arranged a total architects competition for Frederiksberg Gymnasium and for urban development of all of the old railway area.

Based on the winning proposal from the then Henning Larsens Tegnestue (now Henning Larsen Architects), the City created a unified plan for the area. The result is a number of significant buildings and diverse urban spaces.

New buildings emerge

Frederiksberg Centret (1996) and the Copenhagen Business School at Solbjerg Plads (1999) were already erected before the idea of a unified plan was developed. The new Frederiksberg Gymnasium opened in January 2004, designed by Henning Larsens Tegnestue who were also behind the new, thoroughly renovated central library and gym located at the square between the high school and the library.

In March 2005, the mayor of Frederiksberg Mr. Mads Lebech signed a contract with Nordisk Film about the construction of a new underground cinema across from the high school. Furthermore, at Sylows Plads 114 youth residences will be built in a building of four to six storeys located between Falkoner Centret, Frederiksberg Gymnasium, and the fire station.

The ground floor of the building towards the square will include a new supermarket and two smaller shops. Since May 2003, the metro has provided easy access to and from the area around Frederiksberg's new squares by public transport. If you arrive by car, Howitzvej offers an entrance
to underground parking under the high school with 600 parking spaces.

Green and transparent

The unified plan of the area emphasises 'maintaining the open, green character of the neighbourhood' and 'that the new buildings interact with the existing preservation-worthy buildings'. Thus, a characteristic feature of the new buildings is large transparent glass fronts offering a view of the inner courtyard and garden space and provides a sense of lightness that does not steal too much attention in relation to e.g. the old station buildings. Furthermore, in the unified plan the City of Frederiksberg included SLA Landskabsarkitekter in a co-operation to plan the urban spaces between the new buildings. The co-operation resulted in a plan to unify the area and create new meeting and recreational spaces in the shape of four new squares in the area between Frederiksberg Station and Solbjerg Station. Read more at The new squares of Frederiksberg.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014