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Tivoli Concert Hall

This 1956 concert hall has had new audience areas, extended stage space and a new rehearsal room added. In addition, it now features a new three-storey entrance.

The most distinctive architectural addition to the Tivoli Concert Hall is a new three-storey circular entrance covered with streamer-like slats. A lounge with access to the concert hall was built on the top floor. In the middle is a café with access to the terrace in summer, and at the bottom is another lounge and the entrance to the foyer. A lounge bar with a view of the outdoor stage was added on the top of the hall. The space formerly occupied by a "casino" in the cellar has a cloakroom whose central attraction is Europe's biggest saltwater aquarium. The 30-metre-long aquarium is home to over a thousand colourful tropical fish and a handful of sharks, which swim around a imitation Australian coral reef. The concert hall has a cafe and several bars.

One of the goals of the renovation project was to integrate the concert hall better into the Tivoli Gardens as a whole. The old entrance on Tietgensgade was closed so that all concertgoers have to walk through the gardens to get to the hall. The area on Tietgensgade now has room for a big new rehearsal hall.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014