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Toldbodgade 13

The façade of Toldbodgade 13 has been given a golden renovation. The building, which was previously the street's ugly duckling, has received a high calibre makeover, and now brightens up the whole street. The jewellery firm 'Troldekugler', who are the occupants of the building, were responsible for the project. In accordance with their wishes, the building has now acquired an appearance, which reflects the nature of the jewellery firm's business.

The building at Toldbodgade 13 has literally been given a golden boost. Previously the building stood more than 2 metres back from the pavement and the neighbouring buildings, while the roof was not flush with that of its neighbour: it was not high enough. But after a major renovation, which would reflect what the company stands for, the building has now added an extra gleam to the entire street. 

Brass screens cover the whole building

The building is clad with several aluminium screens, which have been coated with a yellow brass alloy, about the same thickness as Denmark's 10 and 20 kroner coins. The construction consists of perforated sheets, which resemble the layers of a pleated curtain. Wherever there are windows, the screens can be pulled up and down like an accordion. According to the concept, during the day all the windows are open, while after sunset the brass shutters are pulled down, making it absolutely clear that the building is now "closed".

Thought through details in all of the building 

A great deal of though was invested in the details of the design. An excellent example of this is the pattern on the brass screens, which was specially designed for the project. The pattern is the result of collaboration between the textile designer, Lene Toni Kjeld, the architect Ebbe Wæhrens and the client Lise Aagaard, who also has a background in textile design. They gave the design of the screen a variety of features, so that from a distance you cannot see the pattern, but as you get closer, it becomes visible. Up close the abstract representations of pearl necklaces, water drops on glass and tangled wych elm are crystal clear.

Under the brass

The brass pleats conceal another layer, which provides certain functions for the building. The layer is made of glass. Like the brass sheets, this glass layer follows the form of the building. The glass also provides all the building's windows. In practical terms, only every second window section can be opened for ventilation.

Changes involved in the renovation

The challenge of the renovation was to accommodate all of the client's wishes, but without compromising the neighbouring buildings and the existing building's typical 1960s-style, curtain wall façade. Prior to the renovation, the building stood 2.6 metres back from the pavement and the façades of the other buildings in the street, but today its façade is flush with those of its neighbours. The building has also been given extra height, so that the roof is now a continuation of that of its neighbour. The building now has a distinct presence in the street and is integrated with its neighbours.

Affinity with the company's jewellery

Since 2005, Lise and Peter Aagaard's jewellery firm 'Troldekugler' has occupied Toldbodgade 13. The building houses a parking facility, offices and a jewellery shop. However, the top floor was reserved for the owners' private use, and was converted into a penthouse apartment. What the client wanted from this renovation was a burglar-proof glass building, which would have an affinity with the company's jewellery, which is made of glass, silver and gold beads on a silver chain.


Friday, January 31, 2014 / By Julie Ingstrup

Last updated Friday, January 31, 2014