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This stark concrete hall from 1952, which once produced torpedo boats, has now been converted to apartments.

This concrete hall from 1952 that was used to build motorboats has now been converted into condos. The building is 160 metres long, 33 metres wide, and 17 metres tall and is a fine example of the engineering of the 1950s: a building with a clear form and a simple construction.

The only things that remain from the original hall are the bare concrete columns and beams that shape its profile. The basin where the boats were launched has also been preserved in the center of the hall. The apartments are located along the sides around an inner street that provides access. Materials with a maritime look were used to emphasize the spirit of the site and its location. The architects took inspiration for the project from New York's loft apartments, where different facilities can be placed in a single large room that can be rearranged as need arises.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014