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Vesterbro Youth Centre

This 590 sq. m. annex has room for exercise, singing, music, dancing and any other performance the kids can come up with.

Vesterbro Ungdomsgård, built in 1958, is one of Copenhagen's time-honored institutions. It is best known for its musical activities for young people, but through the years, the centre has also made a major effort to bring together Vesterbro residents as a whole. The new physical activity center was conceived right from the start as a place for young and old, native Danes and new immigrants.

Physical activity is a theme reflected in the architecture. The bleachers for spectators can be positioned in different ways. A couple of people can quickly move the bleachers to create just the right space for theater performances. The center also has specially designed shutters that can be turned and fixed in any position in relation to the façade. This makes it possible to darken the hall completely when necessary. The shutters also regulate the room's acoustics.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014