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Vestervang Youth Centre

There has been a lack of youth spaces in Vesterbro for many years. The area is very densely built, which is why the existing institutions have had difficulties expanding.

There has been a lot of experimentation in Copenhagen with the architecture of institutional buildings. One example is the youth center on Dannebrogsgade. The architects conceived each storey as a large, flexible space around a core that contains cloakrooms, a kitchen, and toilets. The building is topped by a roof terrace with room for outdoor activities. Among the more ambitious features are solar cells built right into the façade's many double-glazed windows and a natural ventilation system to bring in fresh air, which is warmed up and circulated throughout the building.

The Vestervang Youth Center was formerly located in a single-storey building on Ny Carlsberg Vej and it was something of a revolution to move into the new building on Dannebrogsgade. While the institution's activities were previously centered around the classical multipurpose room, the new building has a completely different separation of facilities that can be both an advantage and a challenge. To let children to have some seclusion when they need it, small rooms have been set aside on the different stories with cozy corners and space for dancing. The roof terrace is used mainly for joint activities when the weather is good.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014