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Wennberg Silo

The Wennberg Silo, like the neighbouring Gemini, has been renovated and now contains condos with harbour views.

The massive Wennberg Silo stands at the edge of the Fairway in Islands Brygge. Once the building was part of a soybean cake factory complex that included two other silos, which have also been transformed into housing. The factory made feed and chlorine and was one of the biggest workplaces in Islands Brygge. For a decade after the factory closed in 1992, the silos on the quay were abandoned, crude monuments to Islands Brygge's days of glory. Now they have taken on a new life.

Wennberg Silo had been built in several stages throughout the 1960s. First came the round silos with the machine tower closest to the water and then the taller, rectangular silos to the east. The architect Tage Lyneborg's goal in transforming the silo was to preserve its powerful look and memories of the old industrial complex: to create an interplay between old and new. The key feature of the "new" Wennberg Silo, Islands Brygge 30, is the use of continuous vertical bays, whose windows can be opened to form sheltered balconies for each apartment. A spacious common roof terrace lies on the 13th storey of this 16-storey building.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014