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Situated in the middle of Amerika Plads are 60 flats housed in a cube-shaped building clad in zinc.

Zinkhuset (the Zinc House) by Holsøe Arkitekter is an exclusive residential block which stands out from the other buildings in the neighbourhood by being raised off the ground at one end. Where the façade is elevated above the ground, a courtyard space becomes visible; moreover, the open façade accommodates a few shops and offices on the ground floor.

Wrapped in zinc

Zinkhuset owes its name to the narrow bands of zinc of varying width, running from top to bottom of the building and seeming to wrap it up. The green colour of the metal which is a shade darker than the verdigris copper roofs known from the inner city produces a wonderful play of colour across the façade. Each of the 60 flats has at least one balcony, recessed from the façade of the building and sided with wood in a golden colour. Together with the large windows the balconies lend the otherwise dark façade a light and airy feel.

Open façade

The zinc-clad façade makes Zinkhuset stand out visually from the other buildings in Amerika Plads which are mostly built of brick. However, the difference is most pronounced at the western end of the building where the façade is raised on a number of concrete columns, making it possible to walk underneath the building. At this end the building opens up, inviting the public to come closer as the plan is to set up a shop or a cafe there.

Luxury flats

A passage between the shop spaces along the façade leads into the courtyard which is not a place with green lawns and barbeque areas but rather an open foyer for visitors to the building. Around the courtyard the residential units rise to five storeys. The complex contains three- to five-room flats at the high end of the market. On the top floor are two penthouse flats, each with a private roof terrace.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014