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Cirkelbroen (Circle Bridge)

With a bridge across Christianshavns Kanal, it will be possible to walk or ride along the promenade all the way from Islands Brygge and up through Inderhavnen (Inner Harbour).

The bridge which has been designed by the Danish-Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson, links the area near Danisco with Christiansbro.

The 32m long bridge is, visually, based on a sailing ship. The idea is to trace the history of Christianshavn and the culture surrounding the canals with reminders of masts and sails.

Sineous Course

The bridge deck itself consists of five offset circular platforms in various sizes, each with a 'mast'. This makes the course of the bridge slightly sinuous as a contrast to the long, straight quay. "Rather than offering the quickest possible passage across the canal, the bridge creates small changes in the way we observe the city and opens the way for a renegotiation of public space," says Olafur Eliasson. The bridge clearance allows sightseeing vessels and small motor boats to pass freely. The bridge will open for taller vessels.

The Inner Harbour Link

This bridge enables you to walk or ride in a continuous route along the entire Inderhavn. This makes the bridge part of a much bigger plan by Copenhagen City Council to, partly, entice vulnerable road users to make use of the harbour route and, partly, to bring more life to the formerly isolated areas of the city.

Concurrently with the construction of the bridge across Christianshavns Kanal, the work to link Nyhavn, Christianshavn and, eventually, Holmen, will also be commencing, thus marking the beginnings of a completely new type of traffic in Copenhagen's Inderhavn.

Last updated Wednesday, February 19, 2014