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The Mountain is a modern ten-storey ‘housing mountain’ with eighty apartments and personal roof gardens that sprawl down the 'mountain'side.

The distinctive VM Buildings in Ørestad City now have a new neighbour, both physically and in name: the Mountain. As the name indicates, the new building is a modern ten-level 'housing mountain' located immediately next to the VM Buildings and the elevated Metro tracks.

The Mountain has two functions: housing and parking. There are 80 housing units ranging from 80 to 150 square metres in size. All the units have large roof terraces that sprawl down the 'mountain' like small gardens.

There is room for 650 cars inside the Mountain, which means that in bad weather residents can go directly from their cars to their apartments without getting wet.

Inspired by suburbs

The VM Mountain was designed by BIG Architects, who asked themselves, "How can the relaxed atmosphere typical of suburbs be united with the social intensity experienced in an urban setting of dense buildings and city life?"

Suburbs and typical areas with single-family houses very clearly served as a source of inspiration for the Mountain, as BIG Architects are keen to stress:

"All apartments have sunny roof gardens, fantastic views and parking facilities immediately outside the front door. The Mountain is like a suburban residential area flowing down a ten-storey building. The Mountain pops out of the ground like a suburb full of courtyard gardens spreading across the tall building: suburbanity and urbanity melting into one."

View of areas with single-family housing

The suburban style is further highlighted by the building's location on the site, with all terraces facing towards the old single-family housing district on western Amager. Thus the view from the Mountain is of back gardens, DIY extensions, and red and white flags waving from flagpoles.

On the other side of the Mountain, the style is not suburban, but a futuristic urban scene featuring the elevated Metro tracks and new, contemporary residential properties in Ørestad City. The Mountain is thus located in a zone between city and countryside, with Mountain dwellers benefiting from both worlds.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014