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The Natural History Museum of Denmark

In 2015 construction will begin on the new Natural History Museum of Denmark in the Botanical Gardens. It will be the largest museum constructed in Denmark in modern times. The new museum is expected to open its doors to the public in 2017

The 30-metre long skeleton of a blue whale will be the museum's symbol. At the Sølvgade entrance this enormous skeleton will welcome visitors. It will be visible from the street and in the evening will glow softly in the darkness.

From the street the visitor will proceed into a vast whale chamber, where schools of smaller whales will float in the space. The museum's collection of whale skeletons is one of the biggest in the world.

New lane to connect Sølvtorvet with Nørreport

A lane will be constructed, which will run right through the museum and to which everyone will have free access. The lane will connect Sølvtorvet with Nørreport via the Botanical Gardens. This will provide pedestrians with the opportunity to cross through the heart of Copenhagen in a completely new way.

As you make your way through the museum, you will just have to lift your eyes for a glance of the floating whales.

Transparent façades and subterranean spaces

Lundgaard and Tranberg Architects and the architect Claus Pryds have designed the museum with total respect for the protected gardens. All the historical buildings in the gardens will be retained and linked by elegant glass buildings and greenhouses.

As with the pyramid at the Louvre, only a tiny portion of the Museum will be visible above ground. Beneath the surface of the earth the Museum's exhibits will reveal themselves in organically shaped spaces, twisting and turning to make room for the ancient roots embedded in the soil of the Botanical Gardens.

Giant sloths and minute beetles  in the oldest collection in the world

The Museum's storerooms contain the oldest and largest collection of natural history in the world, including finds from all over the world from the last 400 years. There are 14 million items, ranging from minute beetles to giant sloths and meteorites.

As well as the Museum's collections, visitors will also be able to experience the special exhibitions, "Gateway to the Arctic" and "Space", and to wander through the solar system.

The countless new greenhouses will attract light down into the exhibition spaces through light coffers.

The final addition to the Copenhagen Museum District

With its location in the Botanical Gardens the Museum marks the final chapter of a desire to create a museum district in Copenhagen. In the company of the National Gallery of Denmark, the Hirschsprung Collection, DFI Filmhouse, the David Collection and Rosenborg Castle, the Natural History Museum of Denmark will become one of the so-called "Park Museums".



Wednesday, November 14, 2012 / By Julie Nørgård Christensen

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